The year is coming to a close! It’s December 27 and my neighborhood is desperately quiet. I had an incredibly mellow Christmas — ultimately an odd couple of days interspersed with moments of joy and moments of deep sadness. Thankfully, I am ending the year with a lot of optimism, endless plans and aspirations, andContinue reading “Rarities”

Garden Planning Season!

If there’s anything I have learned from the near dozen small-scale farming books I have read in the past few months, it’s that farms require an immense amount of planning. My initial reaction to that was: “How complicated can that be?” Well… now I know. As an update to a previous post, I have gottenContinue reading “Garden Planning Season!”


This week, I had a realization. I absentmindedly searched for “How to buy a house when self-employed” and discovered that most mortgage lenders require 2 years of consistent business performance before they will consider giving you a loan. I could pontificate about why this is dumb (especially considering how many people are moving to self-employmentContinue reading “Patience”

Discomfort and Recovery

As I write this, I am on the first day of my week-long vacation for the Thanksgiving holiday. This year, I join the millions of others who are foregoing their family Thanksgiving dinners for a relaxed, socially isolated, safe and responsible event. My partner and I will eat and be grateful, and relatively easily shakeContinue reading “Discomfort and Recovery”

Nature and Pride

As I’ve explored these past few weeks and played with my camera more — trying to catch birds as they “pose” for me and seeing if “sport mode” helps to capture the water droplets on the river — I have been struck by the strangeness of being proud of a nature photograph. Of course, photographyContinue reading “Nature and Pride”

Location, Location, Location

We all know the common phrase relating to real estate: Location, location, location. Well, that is even more true when you’re contemplating a pretty vast lifestyle change. Just about every day, I look on Redfin and Zillow, as well as LandWatch and the occasional other farm-centric site, at this point just to scope out whatContinue reading “Location, Location, Location”

Step One: Start Somewhere

An expert is a person who has few new ideas; a beginner is a person with many. – Albert Einstein Knowing where to start is always overwhelming. But when passion is involved, even being clueless is somehow exciting. It’s tempting to begin by thinking about money. Whether it’s evaluating my own finances to determine howContinue reading “Step One: Start Somewhere”

The Plight of Urban Wildlife

Just days ago, the Pacific Northwest (and much of the West coast of the U.S. in general) was ravaged by wildfires, which destroyed thousands of acres and blew toxic smoke throughout the region. In the midst of this week+ of avoiding the outdoors entirely, I looked out my kitchen window to see a squirrel standingContinue reading “The Plight of Urban Wildlife”

Politics and Social Media

There are a few things that have been heavy on my mind since I began this project. First, politics. My goal with this project is not to stay away from politics, per se, but to stick to the facts and stay on topic. Ultimately, everything is political. This project is about a lifestyle and aContinue reading “Politics and Social Media”

Where it all Begins

My whole life I have lived in cities. California, Oregon, now Washington. But for the last 2 decades, my life has been split — in time and in attention — between city roots that sprouted ambition and productivity, and an obsession with the natural world that often went frustratingly unfulfilled. In the past few years,Continue reading “Where it all Begins”